All Adoptions are Final

ALL Adoptions are Final

The Williams County Humane Society is an animal rescue facility and, while we do our best to ensure that the animals are in good health upon leaving our facility, we make no warranties as to the continued health of the animal you're adopting. Upon adopting a pet from us, you will receiving documentation listing all vaccinations and medical tests that the animal was given while in our care at the shelter. However, there are no guarantees as to the animal's health and you should be aware that you are adopting your pet "as is". 

As the new pet owner, it is your complete responsibility to have the adopted animal checked by a licensed veterinarian within one week of adoption. Please note the animals at The Williams County Humane Society do not receive monthly heartworm prevention while housed with us. We do not give rabies vaccinations at our facility. These items are very important for the continued health of your newly adopted family member.